Hello and Welcome

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Hi, I am Andrena,

I have been involved internationally with healing for many years. My healing abilities were inherited from my mother and grandmother, who were both natural healers. Andrena ForrestThrough my life’s journey I have become qualified and experienced in many metaphysical modalities and have both studied and practiced in England, Japan, America, Hawaii (where I had the most amazing experience of sonar with the wild dolphins!) and Australia, where my consultancy is now based.
Several years ago, after I learned about the awesome power of sound and its ability to heal the body (which I proved time and again using a variety of instruments including gongs, drums and Tibetan and crystal bowls) I discovered how an individual’s properly balanced voice could be just as effective as a tool for healing.

 It was this discovery that led me to finding my passion and my life’s purpose, and my passion is to empower you to find your voice!

 Okay, maybe you haven’t ‘lost’ it, like you do when you have laryngitis, but your voice might have lost some of its vibrancy and vitality without you even knowing, and that could be affecting your health…

Have you ever noticed the moment you hear a friend speak you know instantly if they feel good or bad, happy or sad, or are developing an illness?

Our wellness (both physical and emotional) shows up in our voices, so it makes sense to ensure they are as powerful as possible and that we are making the best of them. But how? And how do we know if we are ‘out of tune’ and in need of a ‘tune up’?

A rich, vibrant and well delivered voice is not only a sign of good health and confidence, but commands attention and compels people to listen. Conversely, a weak and feeble voice turns them away and is generally a sign of an individual who is ineffective, timid, and ‘out of tune’ with others. They will almost certainly have an array of emotional and physical health issues as well. In fact, the more unwell and frail an individual becomes the weaker and more feeble and thin their voice becomes. (And if you hadn’t really been aware of this before you’ll soon start to notice it now!).

Therefore it make perfect sense that if you strengthen the voice, the body automatically becomes healthier, and long-term ailments can miraculously disappear. Simultaneously, many clients experience a growth in confidence, power and self-esteem.

A piano has to be in tune to perform to perfection and our bodies need to be the same. Imagine going to a concert and all the instruments are out of tune – you’d soon have to leave because the sound would be so disharmonious you would be ill at ease – in other words dis-eased. Disease itself occurs when the cells of the body are, quite literally, out of harmony with each other, so isn’t it time you got them back in tune?

Some of the symptoms revealed by a Voice Scan Analysis (the first step is always in assessing where your voice is centred and where any weaknesses may be) include:

  • Sinusitis

  • Poor circulation

  • Weakness in muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments

  • Toxic overload

  • Depression

These are just a few of the conditions a Voice Scan Analysis can reveal, and the second step is for me to show you how you can begin to treat yourself, just using your own voice. How much better that would be than taking medication that could cause even more problems than you had to begin with?

For those of you who are scared of singing, do not worry, this is about the spoken voice, not the singing one! (I am still finding mine!)