Did you hear the silence? by Pam Fortune


Did you hear the silence? Did you listen to its tones?

Did you lose yourself in rhythm that comes from quiet repose?

Did you sense those sweet vibrations, that come from deep within?

Those tinkling sounds, those whispers, as you composed your tune?

We hold the batons in our souls to orchestrate the sounds,

The symphony of Life itself, of notes not written down.

Our sweetest chords are when we know we’re in accord within,

Withdrawn from clashing discord, to rise above the din

The thunder that’s so wearing if we cannot reach inside,

To seek our own true harmony; to feel that quiet pride

That comes from finding beauty in the music of our soul,

To play those notes of inner joy, that truly make us whole.

© Pam Fortune

A beautiful verse from one of my Soul Sistar’s in the UK, which resonates with my work! Thanks Pam

Provided the name of the Copyright Author is not removed, and credit is given to her in any public readings or recitals, permission is given to use this work. Permission must be sought however for reproduction in any printed, published, electronic or other means