Healing with Dolphins

My Love for the Dolphins

My Love of Dolphins, well, if you know anyone who has ever had an encounter with dolphins, they will tell you it is the most positive, joyful and life changing experience ever.  There message to us is, to love, play and live in harmony with one another.  My first experience to swim with wild Dolphins was in Hawaii 2007 with Joan Ocean. I was hooked, no words can express the joy I had felt as they swam around me.  I went with Joan the following year to Bimini on another trip to swim with the with Bottle Nosed Dolphins.


Wherever I am in the world I will often visit them in captivity to thank them for giving up their freedom.  As I now live in Australia, I can see them more often in the in different places around the coastline. Seaworld is not far away from me, so I often go sit with them, just to be in their energy.

6873530Dolphins are wonderful healers and with their huge range of frequencies, they have amazing power to assist in the healing of the human body and mind. A Dolphin Energy Healing session can address physical, emotional and/or spiritual issues you may be facing.  Dolphins make millions of tones some are heard and some inaudible, they stimulate your body chemistry. People around the world who have had healings whilst being with the Dolphins have had amazing results.  Sound is the ‘medicine of now and will one day no doubt replace current medical practice.

554075Healing is my passion whether it is hands on,use of my voice or a selection of sound instruments.  I work with Dolphin energy  in my healing work.  It has been well documented that people have had miraculous healings being in the presence of live Dolphins, both wild and captive.  There are many captive programs that bring autistic and developmentally challenged individuals to swim with Dolphins and they come out happier, healthier and more verbal.  Now you can access this same healing energy of the Dolphins without having to travel or get in the water.   But you can ask the Dolphins to send their incredible energy to you for your highest good.

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