Finding My Voice

My Story 

How Sound Therapy helped me find my voice!

1338534019Many years ago I had my voice analysed by a computer system which revealed I had quite a few weak notes!  This showed an accurate picture of some of my underlying physical and emotional issues.  For example, one of my weaker notes was C#, which relates to tendons, ligaments, sprains and digestion.  Yes I had suffered from indigestion, but in my childhood I was always spraining a wrist or ankle!  The note of C# showed this weakness, now it all made so much sense!

I am not a singer nor do I have any musical background!  Therefore, I cannot answer any technical questions regarding music.  However I was fascinated that your voice could give you all this information. I looked into this and the more I discovered the more interested I became and it all made so much sense.

It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears, and it is also said that the universe works in mysterious ways.  It did and my sister Carol Pool, (also a student of sound therapy), introduced me to Joy Wallen, a Cherokee woman from the USA who is a musician who had studied how music and sound affect the body on all levels.

Thanks to her we both learned how to simplify what we had discovered and apply it on an easy every day basis.

I can tell you however, that from the continuing results I see from all the clients who come to me, it shows that this process really WORKS!

I discovered that by practising tones daily (when I first started there was not much I sound or much power in my voice!).  These notes would have always been weak or missing , it was a struggle for me to get the right sounds out!  But more importantly through practice I found a new strength and power in my voice that was not there before!  Now my sounds are more harmonious enabling me to hold the notes longer.  This has given me the confidence to share this work with others, and I guarantee you that if you do the homework you will start to feel the difference from the power of your own voice.

I love this work it is my passion because it EMPOWERS YOU with your own voice and more importantly this will help towards your own healing. How powerful is that!

  • Do you have a problem expressing yourself? Or getting your words out?

  • Would you like to find the strength and power in your voice that has not yet been developed?

  • Are you a public speaker or musician? Would like to have more power in your voice?

  • Does your voice sound feeble or weak?

 If the answer is yes to any of these questions, give me a call on 0402 550 942 to make a booking for an individual session or a group workshop.

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